70 for 35

Conditions of the promotion at The Chaser Inn

If you come with your dog and eat at the table for £35 per person, you can get a check for the first training and hourly dog ​​walk worth £70 or a £35 discount on subsequent classes with a discount check with a personalized number. One flyer is one discount for one lesson.

The check is valid until the end of 2022 for one dog for the first lesson or a £35 discount on the lesson fee for subsequent classes which costs £70 per hour if the dog’s owners are located and live within 7 miles of The Chaser Inn location Or only £35 discount if the class is located further 15 miles to 35 from the restaurant.

The lesson is conducted by a dog trainer-animal psychologist Konstantin Markin https://instagram.com/dogs_life_power https://www.facebook.com/dogmarkin

UTR 8423345430

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